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React Redux Part 1 : Implementing a Counter Component in React by Using State

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The frontend world is moving so fast these days. The hottest trend is React along with the Flux pattern. Flux is a architectural pattern introduced by Facebook to solve some of the problems in large data centric applications. Facebook introduced flux as a concept, but there’re number of flux libraries born from then. Today we’re gonna talk about the most popular library in that category named Redux.

React TDD Example: Unit Testing and Building a React Component With Jest, Gulp and React Test Utils

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ReactJs has attained lot of momentum since its initial release in 2013, and became the best JavaScript library for developing rich UI interface. React also popularized different concepts like Virtual DOM, Uni-directional data flow and Componentization in the front-end community. As of today, React has more than 20,000 stars in Github repo, and actively maintained by the Facebook team.

Implementing a Curry Function in JavaScript Using TDD

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TDD stands for Test Driven Development. To those who don’t know what TDD means: In a typical TDD Environment, a developer start with a basic test case describing the minimal requirement for implementing the module. Then he writes the actual implementation code for making the test case pass.

Whatsapp Web Client: Hide/blur Thumbnail Images Preview

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The most anticipated Whatsapp web is here finally. If you haven’t seen it go check it out: http://web.whatsapp.com. I really like it because of these reasons:

  1. Desktop notifications in chrome
  2. I don’t need to check my phone whenever any message is arrived. The chat window is in the right corner of my screen.
  3. The main one: I can type as fast as writing an email or using a chat application.

A Brief Walk-through of the Ng-options in AngularJS

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Using ng-options was bit tough for me. I banged my head couple of times when I actually used ng-options in my code. And most of the times, I had to google and find out how to make it work. Looking the AngularJS documentation didn’t help much, as it’s less informative and doesn’t have much code samples.

But, I could find lot of Stackoverflow links, and infact I understood the concepts after reading those links only. Here, finally, I decided to write a blog posts about what I learned. And you know, this post is going to be mostly useful to me more than any one; because next time, I don’t need to google it.. :)