Setting up My Macbook for Development Environment

15 Jul 2014
About 1 min read
macbook development

Here is my setup for my Macbook. I use macbook primarily for web development, so this set up will be useful for those working in similar field.

Install Apps from App Store

Login to app store using the Apple ID. Download and install the softwares already purchased.

Mail, Social and Communication Apps

Install Browsers

Install IDE & Code Editors

Install Productivity Apps

Cloud storage

Install HomeBrew

Install Git

Git is default installed in OSX. Use HomeBrew for a better version.

Set up Github SSH Keys

Procedure for setting up github ssh keys

Install Heroku

Install Node and NPM

Don't download from nodejs.org. Instead follow the method described in https://gist.github.com/isaacs/579814

Install Development Tools

Ruby set-up

Blogging software



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