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Whatsapp Web Client: Hide/blur Thumbnail Images Preview

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The most anticipated Whatsapp web is here finally. If you haven’t seen it go check it out: http://web.whatsapp.com. I really like it because of these reasons:

  1. Desktop notifications in chrome
  2. I don’t need to check my phone whenever any message is arrived. The chat window is in the right corner of my screen.
  3. The main one: I can type as fast as writing an email or using a chat application.

But is it a complete Whatsapp client ?

Not yet. Basically the web client mirror the Whatsapp application from the phone. That’s why they say that Whatsapp application in your phone should be connected to internet when you use the web client.

Besides, the whatsapp web client lacks many functions provided by the mobile app. For example: You cannot forward message/media from one window to another. You cannot stop the media ( Images ) autodownload .. etc

Is media autodownload required for a web client ?

I know that Whatsapp has an option to stop media auto-download mainly for reducing network data consumption. That’s said, it should not be a problemfor the web client.

But what about user’s privacy ? When you receive any images/videos in your mobile phone, there are less chances that others going to see it ( as the mobile screen is small ). But you’re going to use the web client from your laptop/desktop, may be from a public cafe or even from your office. Chances are more for others to see your chats. And whatsapp web doesn’t have any option to stop the auto-download images.


I use whatsapp web and I had the same problem. That’s when I decided to make a Chrome extension to solve this issue. I did publish it in the Chrome webstore, and you can install it from here:

WhatsApp web Hide Images Chrome Extension



The extension will not stop the media auto-download. But it will hide all the thumbnail images by default. On mouseover, a transparent image will be shown, and onclick it will show the full image. I hope this will be useful to some of you guys.