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Starting VerbalRegex.com Open Source Project

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On the other day, while exploring the Github repositories, this one grabbed my attention.


I like this idea so much. In fact, I also were trying to build something similar. Writing regular expressions were always a tedious task for me. I’ve tried learning it enormous times, but still when I want to construct one, I’ve to google around.

So that’s why this project got my interest. The idea is pretty cool; Instead of remembering all those complex patterns of regular expressions, I can just use the simple API provided by the library. That’s really cool!

But again, There’s a limitation: It’s just a JavaScript library that can be used inside the code only. What I really wanted is an user interface where I can use some simple steps –– mostly like the API methods of the above library –– to build my final regular expression.

That’s when I started working on a new website called http://wwww.verbalregex.com. The website is not live yet. I’ve created the repository in Github and started working on the UI of it.

  • The tools used so far are:

    - Yeo man for scaffolding
    - AngularJS 
    - Angular UI and Twitter Bootstrap
    - Grunt
    - Karma ( unit testing )

The project is in the very early stage. I’ve invited some of my friends for the contribution. Once all the designs and requirements ready, the project will find it’s momentum.

Here is a screenshot of what I’ve built so far.


I’m trying to work more on this project on my spare times. Hope everything will go well !!